Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Monday 10th February
We went to school today. On the way we stop to buy cigarettes. Then we walk out into a park to find the lighter they have hidden.

I think I like school 295. I like the English lessons. We talk about films.

We go the Catherine’s Palace. All the Catherines are Great here

We come home with Gemma, Sasha, Volva, Nastia and Laura. Vita buys a can of gin and they drink it behind the back of the shop. We go home and Vita hides her cigarettes behind a piece of concrete on the first floor.

Tuesday 11th February

Vita has her friend’s phone numbers written on the inside of her bedroom door. I notice when I wake up.

Breakfast is horrible. It’s the only thing I haven’t eaten so far because I'm a mean, mean eating machine.

Today is about food.

Yesterday Kat shared her lunch with me. I wasn’t given lunch by Vita and Kat gets two because she’s staying with Ivan and if Ivan could, he’d eat people too.

Today we go to lunch at McDonalds.