Thursday, June 19, 2008

1. At the top of the stairs, he stands before me. We look at one another.
I kiss him on the cheek and he kisses me. And how sorry we are we say. I was drunk so was I but I am I am sorry do you understand I am sorry, we say.

2. He's downstairs and he's been in a fight.

He's what?

He's downstairs. He's back. But before his flight yesterday he got into a fight so now he has a wonderful black eye.

And he's downstairs?

I think he'd be very happy if you just went and said hello.

He won't want to see me. Jesus. What's he doing back?

Go downstairs. He'll be pleased to see you.

At the bar, my make up fixed and in my blue dress. He is with a friend. He is drunk, black eyed, what beautiful bruises. He is older, still my elder. He sees me. He says, Olivia, and he moves his friend aside. He kisses the skin next to my lip, my lip just.

And how are you? I am well and I am happy to see you. How are you? How was it? I hear you wrote the book. 

Of course I wrote the book. 

Later on the street, he says, rolling a fag, I don't have a phone. I'm going to give you Benny's number and then you will call him and in doing so you will call me.