Monday, November 07, 2011

The Aldeburgh Poetry Festival 2011

Notes: i/hundreds

Before writing here in the days to come of Christian Campbell’s Aesthetics of Envy, Oliver ReynoldsOld Usher, Emily Berry’s Stingray Fevers and everything else, just this:

When I misheard a phrase of Hass’ Czesław Miłosz: In Memoriam, I wrote ‘O! a heartbreath of wonder and surprise’ for his written

‘“O!”…a caught breath of wonder and surprise’.

For a while this evening, I didn’t care one bit that ‘Poetry/proposes no solutions’. As Hass tied up his last poem, along the line beside me I heard my friends draw an actual heartbreath (as such instinctive happiness, this manifests as just a longer gap in the animate beat). We are very happy and we are very tired tonight. Aldeburgh Poetry Festival 2011 - ‘O! for sure’.