Sunday, October 26, 2003

Hello tequila,

When I'm licking salt off the back of my hand, and I'm in the garden, don’t know what to say, what to do, so many people I know and I’ve got nothing to say, and then Claire’s pulling on my fingers, pulling me into the kitchen, and I lick the salt off the back of my hand.

I hold an empty glass. I think: I should have painted my fingernails. I'm wearing green cotton. My brain is numb. Gem and Lizzie want me to walk with them - Gem wants to score and Lizzie just needs someone to tell her she’s gorgeous. We kiss and the world in blurring -andIwantedtobeyouforthelongesttime - and now you’ve kissed me twice - and my brain is numb.

Lemon juice, and my eyes are watering - I'm on the settee with Beautiful S and Claire. Beautiful S is crying. I pull her hair out of her face.