Saturday, March 15, 2014


The Pro Bono Waitressing Suite
Girl, reason is a raucous faculty. It is a power. If I walk from here will I make it? THE PROCESSES OF REASON. I have been longing so much to be invisible that it’s turned into a very melancholic sort of desire. If you look at someone’s face, can you tell that they are upset? IT IS RELATED TO RELATIONALS. I feel so sad thinking of all the secret details I’m missing out on. Each of us knows: polices reason, judges reason, I am FIGURING IT OUT. But still, a fair day’s pay if it is warranted: that’s dignified. That's just. Girl, reason is a raucous faculty. It is a power. 

Girl, reason is a raucous faculty. We give rise to occasional intricacy: the scared are just and they are only just because they are scared. THE JUST ARE WEAK. But empathy spared Saddam’s sons. Occasional intricacy: I hold certain facts to be true above all else: I am reasoning in action. I am true guilt.

It’s probable that when I look at your face I can tell you’re upset, assume you’re upset. It’s a guess based on my previous experience of faces and of upset. Because all I can see is a face and that’s the limit of my knowledge. Memory supplements knowledge. Reasoning is impersonal, communicable. True guilt. Girl, INTUITION IS OPPOSED TO REASON. I think probability is fundamental to the status of our reality. SOME KNOWLEDGE RESIDES OUTSIDE OF THAT STRUCTURE.  Occasional intricacy: I watch his drunk, old hands trying to catch her tipsy fingertips in his own. If I walk from here will I make it. I ALWAYS MAKE IT. No one knows why 7 X 5 = 35. It is identical, learnt. There is no such thing as secret love. Girl, reason is a raucous faculty.