Sunday, August 10, 2014


Just hanging with some prominent lymph nodes, being a rare INFJ type in love with a borderline INTP type. It's so important to know who you are. You are exuberant and all we can say is: look at this exuberance. Goodbye is goodbye as far as I am concerned: an unsent message is a message in and of itself. Dog-diving is so graceful, your legs really do this schschschwosh swan-diving thing, the end of the holiday blues, the last day before the last day of the holiday blues: unable to finish a translation blues. Notorious idiot. Intelligence 7. New round. Go again. And again. Just keep screaming; Are you kidding? Here are the cherry bones of the here & now: dreaming only of the swan-diving blues, of dog-diving blues. Cherry bones: It is imperative that I finish this translation.